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On working with the Fernhill Systems team...

"I wanted to put on record my sincere gratitude for the contribution that you have made to the highly successful project to move our finance systems onto R12 and iExpenses. I have kept closely in touch with the ongoing delivery of what has been a vital project and I am fully aware of the professionalism, commitment and exemplary approach to working with us that you and your colleagues have demonstrated throughout."
- Alyson Stafford, Director General Finance, Scottish Government

"... I very much appreciated all the work that went into making the SEAS R12 and iExpenses projects both major successes. Over the many years I have known you, you have always delivered a professional and valued service and the last engagement, with you and your company, maintained the same high standards."
- Anne Moises, Chief Information Officer, Scottish Government

"... was very pleased that it delivered all of its objectives on time and to specification. This successful outcome required close working between everyone on the project and I would like to thank you and all your team for your guidance, expertise, commitment and professionalism which were instrumental in the project's success."
- Barbara Allison, Director HRCM, Scottish Government